Rehearsals and Enrolment

Junior Tatry Enrolment Guidelines

Yearly intake
There are two Junior Tatry intakes during the year. The first is at the beginning of the year, February 14th – 28th. The second is half way through the year, July 25th – August 8th.

Junior Tatry consists of two groups. Group 1 is for children between the ages of 5–9 and Group 2 is for children aged 10-14. Students are generally inducted into Senior Group dances no earlier than age 15-16.

Group 1 Instructors
Urszula Biela Mob: 0405 475 101 Email:
Natalia Dworniczek Mob: 0424 153 687

Group 2 Instructors
Kamilka Trepa Mob: 0438 408 022 Email:
Dawid Rewak: Mob: 0401 920 447 Email:
Suzanne Camporeale Mob:0414 490 273 Email:
Emily Ozog Mob: 0431 438 709

Rehearsals are held at the Dom Polski Centre 232 ANGAS STREET, ADELAIDE

Male Tatry Rehearsal
6:00PM – 7:30PM
Senior Tatry Rehearsal
7:30PM – 9:30PM