Rehearsals and Enrolment

Junior Tatry Enrolment Guidelines

Yearly intake
There are two Junior Tatry intakes during the year. The first is at the beginning of the year; the Second Tuesday in February (11th Feb 2020).

First Małe Tatry Rehearsal 2020 – Registration Night
Tuesday 11th February, 2020 – Dom Polski Centre
Parents, please come in to meet instructors and fill out registration forms.

The second intake is half way through the year, (21 July – 4th August 2020)

Junior Tatry consists of two groups. Group 1 is for children between the ages of 5–9 and Group 2 is for children aged 10-15. Students are generally inducted into Senior Group dances no earlier than age 16. Some years there is another group formed for the purpose of transitioning dancers from Junior Tatry to the Senior group, called the Intermediate group.

Junior Tatry Group 1 Instructors 2019
Natalia Dworniczek Mob: 0424 153 687
Bernie Kielpikowski

Junior Tatry Group 2 & Intermediate Instructors 2019
Kamilka Trepa Mob: 0438 408 022 Email:
Suzanne Camporeale Mob:0414 490 273 Email:
Emily Ozog Mob: 0431 438 709
Dawid Rewak: Mob: 0401 920 447 Email:
Adam Debicki
Lisa Cibich

Rehearsals are held at the Dom Polski Centre 232 ANGAS STREET, ADELAIDE

Male Tatry Rehearsal
6:00PM – 7:30PM
Senior Tatry Rehearsal
7:30PM – 9:30PM
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